External Reset Button on SKR 1.3

Does anyone know if there is a jumper to reset the skr 1.3? I’d like to have an external reset button on a headless machine. I had always assumed it was the “boot” pins but upon reading that doesn’t seem to be the case. I can always just add a switch to the mains I guess.

Can you just toggle the power?

Yeah I can. The way I have it wired my Raspberry Pi is powered off the SKR and the power switch trips both and the reset doesn’t. I can split my 12v up-stream from the switch if I need to. I was just wondering if there was a jumper that could be shorted that simulated the reset button.

Thanks anyway!

Just a randomish SKR 1.3 pin diagram I found…

Look at the bottom, for the TFT pin diagram, the pins are: 5V, Gnd, TxD, RxD, RST

If you ground the RST pin, the board will reset. This is connected to the reset button on the TFT.

There is also a reseet pin on the EXP2 header that goes to the 12864 LCD (Or the TFT LCD in Marlin Mode.)

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Thanks Dan!