Extending my LR2’s controller wiring

Hey, I’ve got a(n?) LR2 and am looking at buying the $14.99 wiring kit that Ryan has listed on the site. Just wanted to check first and make sure someone else has successfully extended theirs before I do it.

I know I can plug and play these into my existing connectors, but should I be worried about any signal noise from doubling the length of my wiring or should I be good to go? I’ve got an enclosure to keep dust out of the air and would like to set up my controller outside of it.

Also, piggyback question - does anyone know if ESTLCAM has a command limit for a single job? I was engraving something big, had ~250 engravings along with 9 part cut-outs in the gcode and it randomly skipped a batch of around 12 of them at the end. I double checked my file and the engravings are in the previewer, and in the gcode, but the machine skipped them as far as I can tell and moved on to my tool change. Anyone experience something like this before?

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I have my cables patched together from two cables and the splitter as well. Still works. :smiley:

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Great, thank you. I’ll go ahead and order a set. :+1:

I extended my wiring harness by soldering new longer cables onto the ones I got from V1.

That ended up being a mess since my soldering broke from all the movement of the machine, and I ended up ordering new cables and added new connectors to each stepper.

If you decide to extend the cables, please note this:

  • Maybe don’t solder them.
  • Don’t have the extensions where the cables move, because they will break.
  • Color code or mark your cables at the extensions so u will have an easier time troubleshooting if you don’t use the same colors of cables as the wire harness have from V1

:slight_smile: Good luck!

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