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@christian-knuell you did an amazing job with both Estlcam and this trainiing.
I have been using 11 for a few years now. I see many great things in 12, is it final yet?
I learned many new things I did not know.
Also the Controller part of it, is there any chance you may build to use Fluidnc? There are many that are using it, the zero portion, the start at fail point, etc, that is all very, very nice and handy, but since I am using Fluidnc, I am not able to use that portion. I guess I will be upgrading my license very soon!

Video link here:


Christian said in another thread that he might add some more features that will only work with dedicated EstlCAM hardware, so it might even get more restrictive.
The features that EstlCAM has are superb, I have been using the „remember the last five starting points“ thingy a lot for my inlays.

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ohhh, that sounds intriguing, is that only in 12?

Yes, but only if you use it as the controller. Basically you need to square it externally because EstlCAM can only do 3 drivers, then you hit the „home“ button as soon as the program is loaded and then it does not show 0/0 but the last starting position. Really fancy. If you didn‘t take out the endmill in between (and somehow secured it against dropping) even Z would be good to go immediately. So even great when you do the same job over several days again and again. :smiley: