ESTLCAM Tool List question

I am completing my tool list. I was going off what V1 website has but, ESTLCAM has been updated since the pictures were placed in the instructions and they don’t match up. The first picture is from the website, the second is my tool list. My ESTLCAM has a lot more fields in it than the one on V1 website.

How do I complete all of the fields for each bit I have? Is there a guide online or something so I can fill these in correctly?

The yellow fields are finishing pass options. You don’t need to put anything in there. Also, any numbers someone else has is just a suggestion for your machine. Every machine will be slightly different. PLA stiffness differs between batches, and even with the humidity. Also the conduit steel is usually made from mystery(recycled) steel, so it’s stiffness will vary between batches. If you hover your pointer over the field, it will tell you what the field means.

Hi Barry,

I was just wondering what info has to be entered for each bit. I assume that when our file starts cutting, the machine uses these specs to make the cut. So are the settings on the V1 website (my first pic) all I need to enter?

I have a short flute, 60 V and a ball. Do I use these settings for them until I get comfortable using the machine? I don’t mind shallow cuts or slow passes. My cars, I go for high tolerances but not this.

Really all you need are the diameter, depth per pass, XY feed, Z feed, and stepover. The plunge angle doesn’t really matter for wood, but can be handy for aluminum. RPM doesn’t matter, most of us can’t control that from the rambo anyway. Finishing pass you can ignore for now, once you get the hang of just cutting things, you can experiment with that. Trochoidal comes in handy for slotting metal, and sometimes acrylic. Tip angle will be 180 for flat bits, and whatever your v-bit says it is. Center offset is for making chamfers with a v-bit, I’ve never used it, same with tip offset. End radius is half of your tool diameter for ball end mills, with 180 for the tip angle.


For your tool list picture, change the tip angle to 180 if it’s a flat end mill. I’m assuming it is, so you can probably drop the Z depth per pass to 2 or 3mm for wood.

Actually, I’m trying to do the plot drawing and the machine freezes up after moving a 1/4" on XY axis. Not sure what I should set up on the tool list if anything. How do I do that? I just posted a request about this issue then saw this response from earlier.