Estlcam tool list for v1engineering variety pack

Anyone have estlcam tool settings for the v1 engineering tool variety pack.

Would like to add these in, but don’t have any specs on the bit so hopefully someone can tell me there settings for each bit (5 in total)

Other than the physical properties, the feeds and speeds vary for each unique build, and each unique material and type of cut. The milling basics will get you started but after that you will need to do some test cuts to see what your build can handle in each material.

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So from the 1/8" Endmill Variety Pack, which one would I use for cutting the 3x struts?
I was going to use the 1/8" Single Flute for roughing the cut, followed by the 1/8" Two Flute Down Cutting for finishing. Would that be right?

Do it the other way round I think. One flute should be more smooth.

No tool changes just use the single flute.

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Do as the boss says. :smiley:

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Ok done :slight_smile:
So for my initial setup, do these seem right for the toolbits as a first try?

Looks good for the start. You could go 1mm deeper per pass I guess, so 3 instead of 2mm, but start like this and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Slow down the 20mm/s until you are sure you can do that. Milling basics has very conservative settings to start will. (20 should be very easy at that depth but just start slower to be safe).

Double check your rapids, you need to make sure you are not overdriving your machine.

Rapids are set as default as per the instructions.

If I slow down the 20mm/s to 15mm/s
And the finishing to 12mm/s would this help?

How is this?

Good for wood.

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