Estlcam sizing

i opened a dfx file in estlcam and resized it alot when i save the gcode and open it in repetier host and try to cut it out it is not the size i see in estlcam.

i set up the grid in estlcam at 25.4 and another time 152.4 for six inches to see how big it is showing and it is ok in estlcam but is smaller in repetier host not sure what i am doing wro (125.7 KB)
ng ths is dfx file

Is it a lot smaller? Like 25x? Maybe you have the units wrong in the gcode?

i went back and re checked the settings in estlcam and repeiter host and flowed the instructions on v1 site exactly tried to print the crown again it shows on screen to be the right size but when i print it it prints about three inches instead of the five or so it should be. this is a new build could something in the firmware be making it do this? i used one of the stock firmware on the site skr 1.3 with tmc2209s tft 35 v2 should i be putting in a g20 or 21 in the gcode

also i tried it in pronterface also still prints small

i also downloaded the 12mm gcode crown file same thing

If you use pronterface or repetier host to move it 100mm, does it move 100mm? Maybe the steps per mm are wrong for your hardware.

where is this found in the firmware

Check on the machine first. What did it do? It is important to figure out what caused the difference and knowing the scale is really helpful.

You can change it from gcode with M92