Estlcam post processor file error

There appears to be an error in the jackpot estlcam pp file on the documentation page. The jackpot is setup to use pin 27 with M62 but the post processor has pin 26. I just broke a tool because i couldnt hit the estop fast enough. It should be M62/63 P1, not M62/63 P0.

You can change your Yaml / config or your added Gcode in the PP.

What are you using pin27 for, can you move it to pin26?

I am using pin 27 for spindle control via an ssr. I only posted this so that others are aware. If you were to install an ssr on pin 27 to control your router and test it by sending an m62 command it would work as expected but as soon as you tried to run gcode created in estlcam the router would fail to spin up and destroy a tool and your work piece.

Thank you.