EstlCAM no undo/revert button or option

is there a keystroke in estlCAM to undo a tool path, move, text ect?

Mostly not, there is this though…

If it helps, your suffering is shared by many

truly unfortunate, ive found myself working on toolpaths for a few minutes and one mistake results in reloading the entire file unfortunately

You can just delete the wrong path? No need to do everything over.

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I stumbled upon the same problem yesterday when I first fired up EstlCAM.
You can individually select and delete toolpaths if you add one by mistake. You can also accidentally add multiple overlapping toolpaths to the same feature, so be careful of that as well.

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The problem is that most of the Estlcam videos show how to set paths manually which is really inefficient when there are a lot of paths to set. Unless its a real simple drawing, using Automatic Functions : Create objects automatically (what I call autoselect) is faster and more intuitive (no wished for Ctl-Z or Esc/switch to Select tool to delete misplaced paths). Using Edit : Group after weeding out unwanted paths makes setting (selecting and editing at any time) multiple path properties easy. Using Edit : Lock on the group makes multiple automatic selections possible.

Autoselect does require a bit of experimenting (Ctl-A, Delete, retry) to find the most effective setting(s). Using layered DXF files and View : Layers (lock/unlock) adds a whole new level of possibilities and can make autoselect a lot easier to use.

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