Estlcam dovetail

Does anyone do dovetails with estlcam? @jeffeb3 I thought i saw you had a vice or something in your table. I am not wrapping my head around a way to start outsude the drawing.

Anyone have an idea?

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Dovetails on a CNC. Curious, are you using a laser to cut, or, still managing to use a router with stock flip vertically like I DID IT !!! Dove Tails On the CNC - YouTube or some other trick(s)?

So if you youtube, others are doing dovetails, you just set stock through a hole in the table. My question is how you set the lead in from outside the drawing, or do you need to add extra to the drawing?

I think after watching some youtubes and the one above i just need to try it. I think i should be good.

You know what? I still haven’t tried it. But that is the idea. I want to make drawers and boxes that way.

The cnc isn’t restricted to dovetails (and sharp corners aren’t easy) so I would use some other shape (a rounded dovetail or a dogbone, maybe). Or just circles. Cut the holes in one piece and the pins in the end.

I have some problems that still need solving. I need to have a good way to fix the board in the vise so it is square and I want to make sure I can make the shoulders precisely (even if the pins end up a little long). There is probably an easy fixture to make for that.

I also have some premade balsa boxes that I want to engrave the sides of. Since they are 12" or so tall, I need to use that vise to hold it (sort of a drop table). It is on my project list.

I am with you though. What I really need is to just do it. It will probably be just fine.

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So after watching more youtubes. It amy be easier to cnc a jig and do them manually

That’s no fun :slight_smile:.

You aren’t restricted to dovetails…



Good point!


Love his videos.


The new chicken coop build had my kids rolling on the floor laughing. They love a good goose slapstick.

“I even moved it down a smidge, which for you metric folks is 2.35 scotches.”