EstlCam Basics Arcs G02/G03 check or uncheck?


The instructions for EstlCam Basics says the following:

The creator of Estlcam recently updated his software for us! In the CNC Program Generation tab, choose Marlin (if you are using my firmware).

1-Important – Set feed unit to mm/min- (this is what the marlin firmware needs).

2- Change the file extension “ gcode ” so all the programs recognize it.

3- 10/23/19 – Uncheck Arcs G02/G03

I am using the latest version of the v1engineering provided marlin firmware. I am not sure what the date “10/23/19” means. Does that mean to uncheck if the firmware is before that date?

Thanks in advance

The date is the one that the advise to uncheck the arc generation was added on.

I have found that on 8bit electronics, (RAMPS and any of its Mega2560 based clones, like the RAMBo, or in my case an MKS Gen L) the processors just aren’t fast enough to properly calculate arcs, and it causes stutters. If you’re using an SKR Pro or any 32bit (I’m now using a Duet Wifi), you can leave them alone, and you’ll get slightly nicer curves in your cuts. (Though a touch of sandpaper and you likely will never notice.)

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