Estlcam and RUMBA board

I don’t know if this is a right place to ask about Estlcam but I’m sure that many of you have the knowledge and experience to help me.

Would Estlcam work with RUMBA board?

If it would, on which pin should automated edge finding probe be connected?

Thank you!


from the description I’ve read on their website it should work - but I cannot guarantee.
(If someone likes to try: make sure nothing is connected to the board for the first try, then only add the stepper drivers if programming worked well.)


I’m willing to try if I get that RUMBA board.

@ Christian Knuell
Do you have any idea on which pin should automated edge finding probe be connected?

Is it possible to control 4th axis with Estlcam?

If I have a circular disk on which I would like to engrave letters on the side
Easiest way to do it would be to have it in a 4th axis and turn it while tool is engraving letters

Is that possible with Estlcam?

The way others have done that is to use the Y axis instead of a fourth. If you visualize the cylinder opened up flat, you can see how it would work.


I’m not from machining world and English is not my first language so I really don’t understand what do you mean under “cylinder opened up flat”

Except for engraving sides that I plan to do, having designated 4th axis, controllable directly from Estlcam with hardware similar to this:

would be really useful for some “lathe like” work on softer materials

But, for both kinds of work, both edge finding capability and automatic control of that axis are needed.


4th axis is unfortunately not possible.

Probe pin is Aux4 / Pin 17 on RAMPS 1.4 boards.
Not sure about the Rumba - I cannot find an Aux4 connector and also cannot find schematics for it.
(If the pinouts do not match the Ramps 1.4 pinouts there is a certain risk of damaging the board - please be careful and only do it at your own risk)
If someone can send me a correct schematic for the Rumba board I can tell more.


Christian, you might contact the guy doing the RUMBA Plus board. I believe he could answer questions about what’s missing in the schematic.

The nearly correct schematic for the RUMBA is on the reprapwiki as a high resolution image.


I just checked the pinout on the Wiki page and it unfortunately is completely different compared to the RAMPS 1.4 pinout.
It will not work - please do not try - there is some risk of damaging the board.


Thank you Christian!