Estlcam 4 axis hotwire machine

Hello, is there a way to use Estlcam for a hotwire machine ?
I have now setup: Mega/Ramps1.4 and this works great, but i can`t see a option for a 4axis machine.


The g-code generated by EstlCam should be able to move any sort of machine, but I think there may be other constraints that EstlCam is not aware of. For example, the motion to the start or end of a job, or between individual parts, may cross over the parts and ruin them, unless you took extra precautions manually, like doing one part at a time and specifying the lead-in to control the start/end point.

I am not aware of a mode for hot wire cutting, nor do I think it can handle true 4-axis. Wrapping a job around a cylinder can be hacked in hardware while the CAM is oblivious, but that’s not really 4 axes.

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Hello, thank you replying.
Yes correct, i`m using now a very old version of deskcnc, but need to replace that, so i thought it simplycity of Estlcam would be great.
Ok need to find other cam then that works with mega/ramps board.

I use a 4 axis hot wire solution too for cutting foam wings. If it is any help I used this solution on my Ramps board and it worked fine.

There are some bugs in the Excel file for the Gcode but you can generate that in lots of ways now.