ESP01S wifi can't list/upload to SD card on SKR Pro 1.2 + TFT35 E3 V3

I’m not sure if I missed something in this thread but I’d like to be able to upload gcode files to the TFT SD card on a TFT35 E5 V3 connected to an SKR Pro 1.2 via ESP01S wifi. I’ve successfully set up the ESP01S and am able to get to the dashboard, but if I try to change to the TFT SD card in the dropdown, it waits for a minute or two and just says Error. It does not list the contents of the SD card currently inserted into the TFT slot.

Is it even possible to do this? My reading of that thread looks like the functionality isn’t yet supported.

Where is the esp01 and what mode is the screen in (marlin mode or touch screen mode)?

To be able to write to the tft slot, it needs to be in touch screen mode.

If the esp01 is on the skr, then it’s trying to write to the skr pro microsd card.

BTW, sending gcode to sd over uart is pretty slow. A medium sized file could be dozens of minutes to upload. Sneakernet (carrying the sd card) is usually faster.

The ESP01 is on the TFT - there wasn’t physical room to connect it to what looked like the wifi GPIO ports on the SKR.

It’d be nice to have the option to send a file and do something else for a few minutes, but optimally it’d be more of starting a job remotely. It’d just be drag knife cutting, so no unattended power tools.

I think @SupraGuy did this. I think it should already be working.

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To get the ESP01S module in the TFT35 it’s just an edit to the config.ini and a reboot. Just enable the wifi serial port at the baud rate you selected on the ESP. The ESP01S firmware will then be able to access the SD (and I think USB, but I’ve never used it) on the TFT, but not the one on the SKR Pro.

Nice thing with it on the TFT is that it will display the IP address on the screen when it connects to your network.

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