Endstops not work

hello greetings from Barcelona, ​​I have built a Zenxy with Ramps 1.4, but I have a problem with the endstops, they do not work, I have not touched anything from Marlin, and in Pronterface if they work (m119), what can it be?

Thank you for your answers

What do you mean they don’t work?

when I do m119 in pronterface (image) they work perfectly, but from the LCD I do Home and it does not stop, even when I move them in the negative direction I activate endstop with my finger and it does not stop. the endstop work (so it’s not a mechanical error), they are connected in xmin and ymin, but when doing Home they don’t work. sorry for my bad English

This is typical. They do not stop movement unless you are homing.

This should work though. There really isn’t anything in between M119 and the homing sequence that should cause problems. Usually, if it is right in M119, then it works with homing, as long as the motors are moving the right directions.

Is it possible you have them flipped? Is the X endstop triggering when it is homing Y?

but … in Marlin they are at home (X and Y) _dir -1, that is, they are negative, they should be activated if the machine moves negative

They do not work, I have even installed Repetier Firmware to test, and with Repetier Firmware if they work well doing Home and stopping with the finger, that is what I do not understand

Not true. Marlin ignores the state of the endstops unless you are homing. You can enable this feature, but we leave it off so you don’t accidentally ruin a job if a wire comes loose, or a switch gets bumped. You really can’t hurt anything by running into the endstops by accident.

I don’t know what to tell you about the homing sequence though. As long as the endstops are connected in the right spot, and they register correctly in M119, they work. That’s been my experience.

I would like to know more about it though. I am not shutting you down, I am just out of ideas.

Could you upload your config.h to verify mine, to discard, I can’t think of anything else

The configs from V1 are up at MarlinBuilder releases. The V1ZXY are for the zen xy.

Yes, it is the one I use, I think I am going to buy another motherboard to discard, it is my last option and my last idea , thanks for your help jeff :slight_smile: