EndStop XY

Small learning with OpenSCAD and designing endstop for squaring machine, its need to hold pipe really good because all gentry will be nocking on it.

Fully customize for different endstops and pipes.

PS. Its not ready yet.

[attachment file=42343]
[attachment file=42344]

okey I’m slowly at point that I won be.

[attachment file=42348]
[attachment file=42349]
The blue part you can exchange for different thickness, bumper part.

Just a thought, but you should make it so you can attach them to already assembled machines.

Thanks! I was not thinking about that.

[attachment file=42422]

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Much better! I can replace my pipe clamps with these!

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Tell me what pipes you are using and what endstops I will make stl ready for you. Script for generating its not working 100% yet

Actually my electrical end stops are good. I have clamps on the other side is so I can pull the gantry square. I’m using 3/4 conduit.