End stops - where to put them? How to mount them?

Hi all,

Sorry if this is super obvious or if I missed a tutorial about it, but where do I mount my endstops? And how are y’all attaching them?

I am a total noob and just got my two z axis moving independently. Turns out all I needed was a firmware swap.

As a bonus question, what is the easiest / most straightforward way to control the rambo 1.4 from a PC? I want to play with homing and see the state of the limit switches and stuff. I didn’t realize that rambo doesn’t work with estlcam or I’d follow that tutorial. I’m currently using repetier-host.

Hoping I can draw the crown tomorrow!

See ~7:16 my LR3 build, info’s in LR3 docs, but hope this helps. Cheers!

Shoot - I should have mentioned that I’m building the LR2. It has just taken me so long that the 3 is out now haha.

Oh :man_shrugging:, I don’t know anything about LR2. Am still learning how to use my LR3 effectively.

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There are no “official” endstops for the LR2.

i set up some that bolt onto the YZ plate using a little bit of leftover thread on the roller bolts, other people have done similar, and some very different things.

I’ve seen Z stops that have a plate on the threaded rod that triggers a switch when it raises up to the top of travel. Y stops… Almost as many solutions as people who have come up with them. You can use about any method you like, you just want something that will hold the switch and trigger it when it gets to a certain location.

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Ok thank you! I guess I needed to know I wasn’t missing something. I’ll figure something out. Thanks again

Michael at Teaching tech built anLR2, and did the end stops, although he did update to an SKR board, but his tutorials may help you anyway.
And if you reach out to him, he is very helpful and knowledgeable in many areas.