End stop wiring for SKR Pro

Hey everyone! I’m getting ready to start assembling my Low Rider v3 build and am getting my bearings with all necessary components. I did not buy the complete kit from the V1 shop (due to an excess of Amazon CC points) and my end stops did not come with wiring (obviously). I see that Ryan sells the end stop wiring and connecting plug on the V1 shop but I wanted to confirm some things.

It looks like the SKR Pro board uses a three prong female plug for the end stops and the wiring plug in the V1 shop is only a two prong plug.

I am trying to source/find a part number or name for the male end of the plug to make my own wires from the end stop to the SKR board. Can I use the two prong male plug and will that work with the three prong female on the board side? I assume not, I am moderately proficient in electrical wiring but not for small electronics. Is there any chance someone knows the name of the two or three prong male wire plugs, depending on which one I need?

Thanks in advance!

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The end stops are simple switches, wired to be “Normally Closed”. On the store switches, and most of the other ones I’ve seen, that is the two connections on the ends of the switch. The switches need to have the two mounting hols at the correct distance, and I prefer the ones without the roller on the end.

The wires coming to the SKR only need to plug into two pins: the GND and the Signal. The power is not used and can cause damage to the board if shorted to GND. Note that on the following picture the X represents PWR and also that there is no connection there.

The plastic connector housings on the wires are Dupont and you can get kits from Amazon. In this particular case I think that most of the builder use a two-pin housing, and also remove the plastic around the SKR end stop pins. This allows the Dupont two-pin connector to seat more deeply onto the pins. Many builders that haven’t removed the plastic have report that the end stop wiring is not as secure.

Be sure to read though the online documentation more than once before you begin. I know I still find new stuff when I go back, even though I’ve now built 3 of Ryan’s machines.


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Thank you for the clarification, I really appreciate it. I will comb through the build instructions a few more times before getting started.

Thanks again!

Personally, I don’t install Dupont connectors on wires often enough to get good at it, so I just purchase premade Dupont wires and extend them as needed. Note that, while Dupont wires will work and are usually what people use, there is an actual connector that locks into the endstop plugs on the SKR Pro board. It has been mentioned on the forum a couple of times, but I could not find it with a quick search. Personally, I just used a dab of low-temp hot glue to lock the connection…and I have some strain relief on the wires.

I found making my own up unreliable too so I buy premade flyleads.

By pushing the tab in wires can be easily removed or swapped to whatever color order you need them to be.

thanks, I was thinking about a dab of glue and wasn’t sure, that’s what I’ll be doing. they haven’t come unplugged in awhile but I need to take it all apart tu add tne struts, a drag chain and just re-un the wiring better now that I’ve been using it for a bit.