Enclosure questions

I’ve started to work on an MPCNC primo and I’m thinking about the enclosure I’m going to use for my Jackpot, I have access to a couple nice all metal boxes but I’m worried they would interfere with the board’s wifi signal, would that be an issue? Do I need to be looking for, or building, a plastic enclosure? Or alternatively, if I use a metal box, do I need to replace the esp32 with one that could use an external antenna?


Most people use a 3d printer case. I’m not sure that Ryan has released a specific case for the Jackpot when used with the Primo, but I’m sure that someone here has made one that will work.

Here is one I found quickly, on Printables Printables.


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Putting the jackpot inside a metal enclosure would kill the WiFi signal.
But, you could use an ESP32 that has an external antenna port and mount an external antenna on the outside of the box.

Most folks are using printed mounts/enclosures.

You also have to pay attention to your wiring. You can just as easily obstruct your WiFi with messy, poorly routed wire.

You have it exactly right. If you choose to go down this route we can help you pick a suitable ESP32.

With some pictures or sketches of how you’re going to set up your machine we can probably be more helpful to you.

You’ve got a good grasp on the issues that come into play.
Others, like cooling for the drivers, or how you’re going to route and connectorize wiring get driven by what your build choices are.

At this point in time, I’m not yet sure what my set-up will look like, I’m exploring my options, that’s what this thread is all about. I’m sure I will have more questions though out this process, I appreciate your input.