Emergency Stop Mounting

Hey guys, has anyone purchased/used this emergency stop button from Amazon?


I ordered this button and have played with it a little, I cannot seem to understand how I will mount it to 3/4" MDF. If anyone has experience with this, any help is appreciated.

I purchased the similar emergency stop button from V1 had had a similar issue. If you are using this button to control 110V/Mains power, you really want the connections inside a box. For just a few dollar more than the switch you reference, you can get emergency stop buttons with an enclosure. Another solution would be to purchase an electrical box and a blank plate from the hardware store to use as a mounting solution.

My solution was to design and 3D print my own box.

I wasn’t completely happy with the result, but it worked well enough. This zip file contains the STL and the Fusion files for this box: Emergency Stop box.zip (1004.1 KB)

Longer term I went a different direction with respect to an emergency stop. I now control my router using a IOT Relay like this one, so I only need my emergency stop button to handle 12V. Given the lower voltage, you can get away with a minimal solution like this bracket:

Edit: For emergency stop, all you really want is something that is easily recognized and easy to turn off. Here is a concept (never tried) that I posted for another topic:

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I too use the same exact relay that you mentioned above. So I am only concerned with 12V DC as well. Perhaps ill design up some sort of mounting plate and 3D print it. Something that is thin and I can recess it into the MDF so it is nice and flush. I was just curious if anyone was able to mount this directly into wood, because it doesn’t seem it is designed to mount up to something as thick as 3/4" MDF.

Have you tried unscrewing the red button/cap?

What are you switching with it? I’d hesitate to to put electrical with exposed contacts/conductors inside a combustible enclosure.

The red cap piece does detach from the main assembly, and it does come off easily unless the two angled screws are tightened against it. It is kind of confusing unless you were to hold it in your hand and see it.

Anyway, I am switching off the 12V power line to the ramps 1.4 board. I am not too concerned about it causing the mdf to combust. I don’t think anyway…

On mine you just unscrew the red button, then some chrome pieces unscrew, then you slide it into a mounting hole, then screw it all back together.

I doubt it’s designed to be mounted to a 3/4" thick panel so you may have to pocket out a good sized area. The screws in that picture look fine thread, they probably wont be very reliable in mdf.

The listing states a max panel thickness of 15/64" which is under 1/4". You could counterbore the back of your MDF panel to allow for mounting but you’ll need clearance for the main body of the switch.