Electronics help

Hi guys, today i build my MPCNC machineee…
After long waiting from the parts and prints.

So i need help one 1 question. I choose go with the RAMPS V1.4.
When i was assemblying the drivers, it hit me!!! How will a connect it to the computer??
After calling a friend, he told me i probably need an arduino.

So do i need an arduino guys? Does the UNO works, or it must be the MEGA?
I can’t find any tutorial on how to flash ramps.

Sry for my english guys.


By the way, my assembly is a little bit hard to move arround…is it normal?

The RAMPS 1.4 board only works when plugged into an Arduino Mega. The RAMPS isn’t able to be used without the Arduino and only the Mega has the correct form factor to allow everything to connect. Once you have your Mega you will program it, and possibly control it once programmed, with a USB cable connected to your computer.

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Hi Bill - Do you have a tutorial or diy link for using Ramps1.4/Arduino to work together for the MPCNC? I’ve been looking, but haven’t seen anything too straightforward for the MPCNC (unless it’s there and I am just missing it).

There is nothing really functionally different between any boards once they are flashed and plugged in.