Ebay parts


$45…this is a lot more than when they are included in the kit. I have had requests for hardware only…For $45/set, I think I am in. That is a serious profit! So undercut this person by a few dollars?

Go for it.

Make sure you’re still counting your labor costs. I imagine packing the hardware is close to the same time as packing the whole kit.

Also, message this person and see if they want a PT job in California. :slight_smile:

I wish you’d have been offering hardware kits. I paid closer to $70.

That’s all stainless though.

It’s just hard for me to have such a large markup, just feels wrong. If people don’t want to go to the hardware store though, I have to mark it up as bagging is by far the largest time suck. So if I am going to bag more they will be marked up or I will lose money/time.

Eh, McMaster is just expensive. Also for several of the items stainless was cheaper than their price on zinc plated so it was a wash and I decided to go ahead and go stainless with everything. Don’t feel bad–if people are willing to pay it they’re willing to pay it. You’re not forcing anyone to do anything. And you gotta eat!

I see that they’d be shipping from Ukraine. I wonder how much that has to do with the high shipping costs?