Easy Klipper PRINT_START Macros

I found this the other day and have been using the macros made from it for a few days now and they are working very well. A few minor tweaks but 98% it was right on.


I have read though so much stuff trying to learn how to make my own but I could never just focus on it and get through it. So when I found that website that made it SO much easier. I’m using the adaptive mesh part as well. It takes the info from the slicer for where the parts are and only probes that part of the bed. You end up with a much finer mesh area. And for the print it doesn’t matter what the rest of the bed is like only where you are actually printing. I did have to go in and add the Z_TILT to the macro but that was super easy as well. I can post my config file if anyone is interested to see them.