Easter bunny



I’m guessing you’ll paint them? If/when you do please post pics as they look great now, can’t wait to see what they look like done. And of course any pics (within reason) of them being used!

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I like. How deep are they, about an inch, 25mm?

Very beautiful.
Do you have any links to download the project?
However, with the image of the bunnies I wish everyone a happy Easter


Hi David
Glad you like them
Made of birch 33 mm thick and a depth of 28 mm. The lid is 12 mm
One of them was for my grand child, she was ecstatic to have it, full of candy…:heart_eyes::muscle:

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My own project, dont have eny link for it.

Hi Tom

I’m glad you thought they were fine. I love wood so it does not need to be painted. They have once been given olive oil to bring out the glow in the birch tree.

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@Tsander thanks. I love wood too.
I didn’t think that the pics may not show how amazing the wood looks. Plus so many things are painted and bright and colorful for Easter. So I didn’t think how having the beauty of the wood show could make them pop out.

Either way, they’re cool and beautiful. Nice job. And glad everyone loves them. I’m sure they’ll be cherished for a long long time.