e3d v6 carriage

I created a carriage for the e3d v6 hotend, the Wanhao Duplicator Diii cooler and a proximity sensor. Let me know if you have any suggestions.




That’s really cool. Can you post some photos? I don’t really understand the way it works.

Updated the Thingiverse page with some photos.

Ah, that is a clever design. So you have a push and pull 30mm fan for the heat break? Is that helpful? I think the next weakest point on my MP3DP is the part colling fan. Having the diii cooler would be a big help.

Yup, one pushes and the other pulls. I always get clogs with a single 30mm fan, not sure how others do it. I’d like to replace the fans with a blower but it’s difficult. Everything needs to be in front of the x-axis’ rails and you have to be able to fit it on there without affecting the range of the carriage.

I do have another STL that replaces the proximity sensor with 2 holes where you can mount a touch sensor. A BL Touch would work if you print a spacer. I made a custom touch sensor out of a servo, an arm, and a regular end stop switch. You can sort of see it in the background of one of the photos on my second mp3dp.

Someday I will have my mpcnc resized big enough to cut an mp3dp frame, until then I will continue to gather parts. Thank you.

Yeah, I had to temporarily expand my MPCNC to cut the frame. I cut 3 total just so I wouldn’t need to deal with expanding it out again if I wanted to build another printer. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a low rider but I’m hesitant. It looks like it’s common to have alignment issues with it. Another option I’m considering is expanding my MPCNC out by converting to a rack style gantry and using rail supports.

Apparently I cant upload photos[attachment file=“20190506_201332.jpg”]

We filled up my server. We are destroying storage right now,we have added 2016-2.8G, 2017-6G, 2018-9G, and so far this year we are already at 5G…Just in forum picture uploads.


Running some programs now to optimize the photos it is going to take a few days but there should be room right now.

So, how easy would it be to modify this to put the Chimera in and have two part fans? I just happen to have an extra Chimera setup that’s been languishing in my parts stash waiting for an MP3DP mount… :slight_smile:

Bill, your simple translate browser plugin is broken (mine was as well). Have a look at (using edit) your replies in the text tab instead of visual.

It looks like there are several styles of the chimera extruder. The simplest solution would be to use two regular e3d v6 extruders, extend the width of the part and make another mounting point. You’d need to figure out the print fan too though. I designed this specifically to use the Diii fan.