DXF file not behaving in EstlCAM

Hey there,

I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure out why the attached file won’t behave in EstlCam. The file is saved from Inkscape and I can’t figure out how to fix it so that EstlCAM will recognize it’s components. For example, try to make a PART tool path around each of the 3 elephants,

Thanks for your help.

Simple Elephant Apart

You forgot to attach a file…

Hummm… OK Let’s try this through DropBox. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

My guess is the PART toolpath is for closed shapes and those elephant ears aren’t. Have you tried an ENGRAVE toolpath?

I poked at it. I am not an svg expert, but it looked like it was made from a bunch of little line segments that were really thick. I think the trick is in inkscape, and I hope someone will drop by that has more experience with that than me.

What size should the elefants be?

I was looking fo about 4 inches high for the biggest one.

EstlCAM works great with SVGs. Sometimes it makes a difference if they are plain SVGs and not Inkscape SVGs (often with the shapes and things like dotted lines) in the save as dialogue. No need to do DXF. I’ve always had to fight with them.

Thanks for everyone’s help. You pointed me in the right direction. The image was indeed made up of many segments with several tiny breaks. I used Inkscape to trace the image onto a new layer. That solved the issue.

But, I was confused by the units. When I saved the file as a DXF it was as expected. When I saved it as an SVG file, it imported into Estlcam at something between inches and mm. I didn’t find a setting in Inkscape to control the “saved” units? Any thoughts?

Again, thanks for your help.

I think it’s in here.