DW660 Mount from simple to over complicated

as the title states the easiest part is just over complicated. I cant post a topic any where else, I cant write any thing any where else, so if this is the wrong spot to ask this question, oh well. kinda defeats the purpose of a forum if i cant ask a question…LOL

Any way, I have built my MPCNC primo and now im stuck at getting the DW660 mounted…This should be as simple as putting peanut butter on bread but of course every design has to have some thing to throw off the guy working on it. I’v printed the DW660 mounts and the lower mount just dosn’t seem to fit no matter what I do. I read on the github you have to take the bottom apart then spin on your head 6-12 spins and every thing will work… no but seriously, does this mount not really work? Do I need to design my own? every thing has printed to size but the mount just dosnt fit any way I can see. Help would be much appreciated.

Github says I have to take the lock apart and relocate it, seems like more work then just making a mount that would…mount directly to the tool as it is. maybe I’m missing some thing here or maybe I’m just aggravated about a part that shouldnt be this hard to make work after spending a few days building the machine to get stuck on this…

I apologize for my rude behavior, I just feel mounting the tool shouldnt be harder then building the entire machine, so its got me a bit sour.

This is the first I’ve heard of any restrictions on the categories.

It has been a while since it came up. But removing the black part that surrounds the collet is good for you once you have it mounted. I think it is required.

The bottom mount should then fit, but the cord ends up going a weird way, so you can rotate the butt 90 and it will go a different way.

The mount of the router is very important. These things crack and they need to be very rigid our you get runout. The dw660 was meant for hand holding, not machine mounting, so it takes a little work to get it right. But it will pay off.

Unless something changed, it will mount. There are thousands of MPCNCs with that mount. Maybe post some pictures if you’re still stuck.

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Carl, Welcome.

I had a similar problem when I tried to mount my DW660. I put the mount in upside down!

Go back and look at the DOC pictures and you’ll see the orientation. Another thing is to take the lower mount off the z-axis and fit how it fits the router.

You’ll also see why the “nose” is rotated: it puts the lock in a position where you can use it easily while changing bits.

Have fun!

Mike B.


I really really appreciate y’all’s help. I figured it out this morning after taking a break over night. There are grooves (not the circular groove but the etched out squared groves) I thought the dw660 would slide into these grooves to lock it in place like it did on the older version of the DW mount for the old MPCNC. I got the dw660 mounted bow but it poses a new problem. The dw660 can’t go all the way up, it won’t clear the front bearings that are put on last with the 4 square blocks.

You’re about 45 degrees off. The points of the router stick back into the curved part of the mount.

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Do you have the mounting plates that sit behind the router mount installed? It is too dark in that area fo the picture for me to see if they are installed.

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yeah i have the mounting plates installed. As Barry suggested there is space around the top mount where it looks like it could snug back further. The DW660 looked perfectly straight up and down so i thought maybe it was just supposed to look like that but ill remove it and see if I can seat it in better.

Just wanted to confirm turning the DW660 45 degrees gave it the needed clearance, just barely LOL

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