Dust Shoe Clearance

So I have been doing some searching on the best dust collection methods. Its apparent that a dust shoe and dust collector combo is the best but I am slightly concerned. Maybe im confused, but am I wrong to think that the dust shoe will crash into the work piece once the bit has plunged deep enough. If I were to have a 2" thick cut out and the dust shoe is designed to hover about the workpiece at lets say 1", then the dust shoe would crash after the 1" threshold, correct?

It will unless you have some sort of flexible skirt rather than a rigid shoe.

Ideally, you would de-couple the dust shoe from the movable portion of the Z-axis. The idea is that the shoe is adjustable, but stationary during operation. You adjust it to just touch the top of your workpiece.

The tool would then plunge THROUGH the dust shoe, and into the material. The clearance issues you would then have is the z-axis carriage hitting the TOP of the dust shoe, and the shoe running into supports and clamps and such. This is usually handled with bristle brushes and flexible skirts and such.

I really like this idea. Has anyone designed something like this for the Primo?

Even on just 3/4” deep cuts my bristles get pressed pretty hard. Would be nice to set the tension and it stay that way throughout the operation. With my Colt mount, I may need to design something anyways. It would be nice to have inspiration, or even something I could just modify.

To the OP, yeah some dust shoes get in the way depending on parameters etc. I would not design a shoe that has hard points below the collet for that reason.

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