Dust extraction solution

My cnc journey is currently at the stage where I have realized that I need to put some effort in getting all that MDF dust where it belongs.

I can see that many of you use hoses with a diameter that tell me that thers not an ordinary garage vacuum cleaner in the other end of that hose.

So question is, what do you use? I’m almost done modeling a cyclone and I do have a quite big ventilation, shell looking, thing laying around in the garage. (Do not know the English word for it). Vent fan?

I was thinking, maybe I could put a vacuum cleaner bag in a bucket and connect that in series with the fan and the cyclone.

What’s your solution?

I have a shop vac with a cyclone put before it and a three way switch to change between mitre saw, CNC and boom arm.

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I bought an air bag ready made and fitted it to the outlet of a large blower.
The inlet I connected to a separator that I designed that is just a MDF top and bottom and some thin (1.5mm) polycarbonate sheet wrapped around it.
Inside the drum is a sheet metal cone I made that is fairly flat. It fits into the bottom of the drum with a gap all the way around.
The bottom of the drum has a circle cut with a round bit that makes a groove that fits tightly over the rim of a metal dustbin. The dustbin is the collector for the dust.
The middle of the cone has a hole that allows the 90mm PVC pipe that is the outlet of the air from the separator (inlet of the blower) sucking the air from the dustbin. This creates a swirling action on the dust coming in, and the suction draws the dust into the dustbin below. Almost no dust reaches the cloth bag at all.

The green part is a 3D printed connection that I made to fit the large hose that comes from the machine pick up. I have a reducer between that 90mm hose to take the pick up hose which is only 40mm in diameter.


Nice! Do you use the stock dust shoe?

Seems practical! What cyclone do you use?

The cheapest one I could find on Amazon. :smiley:

Ok, and youre happy with it? Ive got a fine layer of dust in my 75 square meter garage… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am really happy with it, works well with the improved dust shoe. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I am using my own design. Made in two main parts, both from 10mm clear acrylic.
The two parts are held together with small magnets.
The brush is held onto the lower part with CA glue and the top edge of the brush is fitted above the top surface of that acrylic so to give a holding edge for the upper part and stop any slipping.

Once again it is my own design. I used a large blower to move the air, it has a 100mm outlet.