Dust collection using bags with Acrylic safe?

Hi All,
couldn’t find this one.
Getting ready to do first acrylic test cuts and wondering if dust collection is safe since this get hot and melts. I am using a shop vac with those fine filter bags. The kind that wrap around inside and catch all the dust so it doesn’t go into the shop. It has whatever i’ve already cut inside i.e. sawdust also. Just wondering if folks thought the hot melted acrylic might cause an issue. I am guessing it is fine. The “wind” from the vac probably cools, and it it is melting it may not even be coming out of the cuts. I tend to only do very small jobs so bags work for me.

initial settings from research:
cast acrylic 6mm
O-flute 1/8" (more time to cool vs more flutes)
16000-18000 rpm sweet spot - (2.5 - 3 on the carbide create router)
depth of cut .0625 (1.5mm)
conventional cuts, w ramps


The acrylic won’t hurt anything. But it will be very staticy?

I don’t think that’s a word. But a high static charge.

Thanks. Good point on the static. Hmm