Dust collection static issue

Hey everyone…. Man as always getting started has its issues. So I’ve made it 90% through surfacing my spoilboard but my shop vac hose collected too much static and tripped my gfi in the garage. Not 100% how it happened as it is not grounded. The only thing grounded is the outlet mounted to the rail side of the gantry. My best guess the static jumped from the shop vac hose to the outlet box and then through the power cable.

Question is how do I prevent this from happening next time? How do I ground it without connecting through the GFi? Would I be better off creating a overhead arm?

People run a bare copper wire down the vacuum hose. Ground one end of that. It stops the static from building up.

I wanted to follow up on this. I finally am getting around to grounding out my dust hose. I’ve got a bare copper wire wrapped around it from the dust shoe to my collection bucket. Could I just connect this bare copper wire to the ground wire of a 3-prong plug that I’ve salvaged from an old light (cutting back and tapping up the black and white wires so they don’t touch anything) and then just plug this into my wall outlet? Would that cause any harm (to me or the CNC setup)?

Should be fine, as long as you don’t connect to the wrong prong on the plug.

For safety sake, I would recommend removing the black and white wires entirely, or just picking up a three prong plug from your local hardware store and wiring to the center prong (although I just used heat shrink on mine)

Here’s how I did mine - bare wire inside the hose, attached with a ring terminal and stud at the coupling, and the ground wire attached to the stud.

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Thank you. That was helpful. I did a continuity test and picked the correct prong and wire combo :grin: