Dust collection hose

Any recommendations for a vac hose

There are many options and lots of advice. Basically,

Use 2.5" diameter and up for large dust collection systems (intended for 4" hose), which are Low Pressure High Volume.

Use 2.5" diameter and down for shop vacs, which are High Pressure Low Volume.

The clear PVC hoses with the metal spiral wire in them are nice. They come in various diameters. However, ever since Covid they have seen significant price increases. Buying in bulk gets the price per linear foot back down, but then you’ve spent a mint on hosing.

By contrast, black plastic “shop vac hose” can be bought at 2.5" — straddling the divide between both shop vac and dust collector.

One caveat: not all black plastic hose is the same. Hoses made for water pumps for liquid extraction, may cause ear piercing screeching sounds when air is passed through at speeds. Ask me how I know. :slight_smile:

The only thing that comes to mind that is any value added to what Doug is already mentioned is “anti-static” hose.

My opinion, but for me I try to get anti static hoses, regardless of clear or not, as it seems to help in my use case.

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I bought that type of hose it’s going back thanks I’m hooking it up to a shop vac so I’m going to go smaller if I decide to hook up to the shop system I’ll increase size thanks for the input

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Thanks for the advice not much into self electrocution

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I just bought some clear spiral 4" and 2.5" from Amazon. Came in a little under $2 a foot, but I bought longer pieces. Plan to run 4" from the collector up to the end of the LR3 gantry then 2.5 over to the router. Anyone have 4" hangers for the side of the table that will work like the hangers on the gantry (allow the hose to double back as the gantry moves up and down the table)?

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