Dust Collection Help

Hello, experts!

I’m working on a MPCNC Primo (23.5) with a Dewalt DWP611 router and need to outfit it with a dust collection system. Can anyone recommend a system that will work with my machine?

Thanks in advance!

Whatever you do, look at this:

Actual dust collectors are nice to have. The portable 600 cfm jobs do nicely to collect big stuff and visible dust, but you’ll really want a chip separator, too. I got one that doubles as a lid for a metal trashcan, and it fills up shit the same time I need to clean the bag. They aren’t going to catch much less than 30 microns, though, so if that’s important skip them. I just threw away a replacement bag that was supposed to handle finer dust (mostly because I misremembered what the original bag was spec’ed at) and it slowed the air down so much that the separator wasn’t working very well, the bag would fill up rather quickly, and it had a zipper anyway which just shot dust straight out.

If you can handle the noise of a shop vac, use one of them. Get the extended warranty and a chip separator (dusttopper works great, as do any of the mini cyclones). I pulled the filter out of mine and replaced it with a drywall/ash bag. As long as I empty the separator regularly, the bag lasts a couple months. It never fills up, but does start to clog. I change it when I notice the suction dropping.

The bigger dust collectors like CM have great reputations but the same crummy bags. At least those you can put a cartridge filter on if you want. I don’t know how well they handle the finer bags.

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