Dust Collection Adapter for SKIL 10-inch Worm Drive Table Saw, going from 2.5" (ID 64mm) to 2.25" (ID 57mm) v1.0

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How do you like that 4" to 2.5" adaptor? I have to do that and I have been avoiding it.

It’s been working great. I modeled it and printed a couple and have both in use. May need a third one soon.

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I worked this one up a while back. (Compare to POWERTEC 70291.)

Dust Collection 4-inch Port to 2.5-inch Hose Tapered Adapter Dust Collection Reducer Fitting (v1.0)

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Also have this model available too:

Dust Reducer Adapter for Ryobi RTS12 Table Saw - from 4" Dust Hose to 2.5" (64mm) dust port

This one was modeled specifically for a Ryobi table saw (a saw I no longer use). This is perhaps more printable than the one I linked above. This one has the larger radius portion down on the print bed.

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