Dumbest question

Ok, feel free to make fun of me or have a good laugh. My problem is, I don’t see exactly how the Y axis is driven. Is there a belt i’m not seeing? Is there some kind of a rack and pinion? I feel like a moron right now but i just can’t tell how the Y axis moves. I’m totally ready for a pretty big face palm so lay it on me.

Open ended belts are a pain to CAD/render so my fancy pictures do not show it.

Actually all my pictures do not show it installed but you can see the pulley.

The video has the belt, it is behind the Y plate.

OF COURSE! That was my theory but I just wasn’t sure . So it’s basically just using the belt as a rack. Thanks for clearing that up.

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I have a dumb question. How many Ryans do we have around here?

Oddly enough, the other day I saw someone in the thingiverse group with the name “eljefe3”. Small world, I guess.

Awwwww don’t worry you are our #1 Heffe!

Well, your definitely in the top three Ryans.


Lol, Jeff! I was the only degree-ed engineer in the entire school district and my boss always used to “tongue-in-cheek” tell me, in my “yearly review”, that I was on track to becoming one of the top 3 engineers in the district… :wink: