I feel like the biggest schmuck…it actually is DUCK tape! Well it started off being called Duck, now it is a brand…and called Duct Tape. So from now on I will switch back and forth to annoy and correct people like Gif…

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Nope! It’s called “hundred mile an hour tape.” XD

Who am I kidding? I am am not air force. It’s Duck tape. Awesome!

I always say, “duc tape”. Gif is definitely pronounced “gif”.

Also. Most manufacturing videos are super interesting. For some reason, that one was kind of gross.

Awwwww french, DÚC TapÉ.

Agreed gif…I say jif once in a while after gif to watch the reaction (computer sales days)…For some reason saying Jif gave me more credibility.

What about tomato? I am 1/4 Australian sooooo that was pronounced differently depending on what grandma’s house I was at!



I have never seen that one…might catch Barry and Gene’s attention now.

I wasn’t in the Air Force… Go Navy!

I maintained EKA-3B aircraft comm/nav and radar systems while deployed aboard the Coral Sea (CVA-43) in the late 60’s. There was an antenna under the chin of the aircraft that had a fiberglass radome that was always chewed up when the pilot “insisted” on flying through a rain storm. A couple of layers of duck/duct tape was the standard “fix”…

I think it should be called “400-500 mph tape” :wink:

– David


And I always thought it was universal Ford repair tape.

Dakota checks out! Damn salt…

dkj4linux, we used something different now. It’s more of a thick vinyl tape for leading edges. You can get something similar for cars now too. Helps with rock chips on the front.

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