Dualshock control MPCNC?

Some CNC’s are controlled with PS4 style controllers, is that something that’s possible with the MPCNC?

It would make surfacing the spoilboard a lot faster rather than making a design for it to follow.

There’s an old post on here from 2016 but is there anything more up to date?

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I posted DualSense code in Python the other day for my zen table in the thread below. It should be really easy to adapt for cnc use (was planning to get to it eventually but I’m traveling and won’t be back in front of my cnc for several weeks). I’m not sure offhand if that library supports the DualShock also but PS5 controllers are finally pretty available. There’s not all that much to the code - feel free to use it however you’d like!

Btw looking at it just now I realized there’s a minor bug in the homing routine (it doesn’t reset its stored X/Y position), I’ll fix it on Wednesday when I can test it out.

You do not say what controller you are using. I do this with fluidnc and universal gcode sender. It has joystick builtin!