Dual wire connection

Hello, my MPCNC is working now :slight_smile: thanks to all people which took some time to help me and show me the way to go.

Now I want to add the dual end stops, I have installed already the firmware, but I am afraid of burn my board with incorrect wiring, (this is the second board).

Is this the correct pins to setup the Endstop? I am using MKS GEN L V1.4.



It is correct - Common and NO on the switches to the Signal and Minus pins on the board. Endstops are NOT something that will create magic smoke and destroy a board . Only other recommendation is to move slowly - trigger endstop manually to test the integrity of the wiring (check with M119 command) - and use 1mm movements to test the automatic triggering. The problem I first experienced was in not matching the endstop to the stepper it is associated with. If that happens, you will hear a lot of loud clicking until the homing process times itself out (or you hit an emergency stop). Enjoy and create chips.

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Thanks GaryH, I will try slowly, and use your tips very welcome :slight_smile:

Unless they’re RAMPS 3 wire endstops in which case they will destory an arduino 5v rectifier if wired incorrectly. Very easily :smiley:

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Or even the two wire endstops, but connected between +5V and Common…

Nothing worse than seeing light being emitted from the board where there’s no leds… I burned a trace off the board once with a miswired endstop.


sry but i am new to this stuff and i dont get it :confused:

i have the ramps 1.4 with the endstops on the attached picture

first i found this https://www.v1engineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/IMG_20180529_175849.jpg

and then this thread how should i connect the endstops ?

i did it like on the picture but that would mean : Black on C / nothing on NO / White on NC

or like in this thread : Black on C / White on NO / nothing on NC

sorry and thanks in advance :confused:

How they are connected depends on the firmware you are using. Series needs them NO if you use them at all, Dual has to have them and they have to be wired NC.

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