Driver board problem

Let’s go at it systematically. End stops are showing the correct values so we can set that aside. Moving in the wrong direction, all axis or just one or two? When looking at the printer from the front, 0,0 is at the left front corner of the bed, positive movements on the X axis will move the head to your right, positive movements on the Y axis will move the bed toward you, positive movements on the Z axis will move up. Which are wrong?

It’s random Bill, sometimes if I try to jogthe x 10 right it may hit physical limit on the left. Sometimes when I jig the z only one motor turns and gantry gets skewed etc.

Dang, just typed in a whole message then hit the wrong key and lost it… Oh well:

That sounds like it could either be the wiring or the software. If there’s a loose connection you can get intermittent issues like this. First power down your 12V supply the disconnect the USB, that should remove all power sources from the boards. Check each of the four pin connectors coming off the drivers, they should be solidly seated with no strain that could unseat them. Then check on the stepper side to make sure they’re seated fully as well. Typically the six pin connector on the stepper side clicks into place and is much tougher to unseat than the ones on the RAMPS side. Finally verify that any connectors in between are closed and held with either a small zip tie or tape.

If those are all good check the setup you’re using for the firmware. Do you have the jumpers under them set for 1/32nd or 1/16th? The settings in the firmware need to match to make things move right. What are your rapids set to? If too fast a movement command can wrap the signed number from a large positive to a large negative.