Dreamsicle Orange Low Rider with plasma

I finally made it.

This is my Dreamsicle Orange Low Rider outfitted with a Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter.

The controller is currently the protoneer PiCNC (raspberry pi with a grbl CNC Hat)

Depending on how comfortable I get with it, I may change to a miniRAMBo with dual Y endstops and motors.

The PiCNC has a nice amount of software and BCNC is really good for CNC work (probing the gcode area, work offsets, etc)

I appreciate this community and Ryan for providing so much fun with these excellent machines.

And to top it all of, I actually made a useful part for the bottom of my grill.

This plate was cut out of 3/16 carbon steel.

[attachment file=66814]
[attachment file=66815]
[attachment file=66817]
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Freaking awesome!

I almost messaged you last night, I was going through the LR2 thread and saw your nice parts and wondered what happened. Now I know and it was worth the wait!

I have a tiny emglo compressor, does it take much air to keep the plasma fed?

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Thank you.
The nameplate says it takes ~4.4scfm at 60psi
I have my dad’s old John Deere compressor that says it makes 3.5scfm at 60psi and I never ran out of air in 18 minutes.

This was my very first try with a plasma torch in my hands.
I have tons to learn about feed rate and nozzle height.

I cut the 3/16 at 200mm/min using a spiral profile that basically made 2 trips around each profile. I set the nozzle 2mm above the surface.

The BCNC auto level was perfect. I probed a 3x3 grid over the work area. BCNC automatically figures out the boundaries to probe from the loaded code.

There was a ton of slag left on the bottom side but the top (in the picture) was pretty clean. I just bumped it a little with a grinder.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this group but I can’t thank you enough for developing and maintaining MPCNC, LR2 and the rest. I really appreciate it.

I wish my printer did this so much. Very cool.

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Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

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Nice build and nice results, congrat’s!

I’m super jealous of the way your wiring hangs up in the air and that it still works fine. My machine would have exploded already XD

Very cool.

I had been looking in to building a Maslow Cnc, but then I found this… I have a lotos 5000d- this would be so perfect for it.

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Can you show or provide details on your table setup?

The outside rails are 2x3x1/8 in rectangular aluminum tubing
I used 2x3x3/16 steel angle inside the rectangular tubing
The cross pieces are 1-1/2x1-1/2x/8 steel angle sitting toes down on the 2x3 angles. The cross pieces are on 10 inch centers
I’ll try to upload a Fusion 360 model of it.

Can you share what you did for the torch mount? I’m in the middle of redesigning mine to get rid of zip ties, but trying to find the best way to hold it. I like your solution as a start

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I originally 3D printed a beautiful 2 piece adapter that gripped the torch and had the same mounting pattern as the router base plate. It worked ok but didn’t hold up to the temperature (I used PLA filament)

What is pictured are 2 1-1/2x1-1/2 angles about 3-4 inches long welded back to back with each other. I can’t remember the exact angle but it’s something like 15degrees to keep the torch vertical. I drilled holes in it to match the holes on the LR2 router plate and then added a couple of other holes for the tie-wraps to go thru.

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