Not too bad! Still using rotozip bits, really need a ball end end mill.

Looks really good! What did you use for your design process?

Yeah, those rotozip bits are just almost good enough. I wonder if tempering them manually would bring them up a notch… probably not worth the trouble, but they’re just so wonderfully inexpensive.

Found the stl on the internet. Got it off some russian cnc forum. Imported the stl into Estlcam and it sets up your roughing and finishing actions for you. Have to edit the gcode though. It adds in a pause to change out the bit, I’ve no clue how to get repetier to restart, so I just removed the bit changing parts, did everything with the rotozip bit. As for tempering, it wouldn’t help, they’re just high speed steel, so they’re as hard as they’re going to get.