Drag knife software

Just completed building an MPCNC for drag knife purposes.Machine operational, dual motor on each axis and dual enstop for squaring, on a BIGTREE SKR-PRO v1.2 controller.
The machine recommended cam software is ESTLcam which unfortunately does not have tangential/pivoting compensation. so i started looking for other options and found GRBLgru and many other grbl based software. In order to use the software the machine needs to be GRBL compatible. This build is Marlin base. So why not burn the controller with GRBL?? because GRBL does not run on this 32 bit board…
How can i get out of this issue?
Looked everywhere, have not found anything yet…

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Have you tried just using it? What are the issues?

In order for having sharp corners (ie foamcore stock) you raise the blade almost to the surface of the material leaving just the tip in, pivot, go back down and cut again. otherwise the material corners are shredded instead of cut. Look at the tool path in the following video: