Drag knife how do install it

Am interested in using a drag knife, it came with holders, am requesting for installation instructions

I don’t have a LowRider, but I did find this mount on Thingiverse. Another approach is to find a mount that would fit in the router mount like this one does for the Makita on the Primo. If you are using a Makita router, this mount might work as is or you might have to remove the lip. If you want this second style with changes and don’t have the tools and/or skills, I’d be glad to help.

Edit: Found three additional LowerRider2-drag-knife-mount solutions on Thingiverse: 1, 2, 3.

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Looks like it gets screwed to the X axis plate. Where did you get it?

I ordered via my agent in NY, it was part of the listing i selected from V1 engineering cart

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X axis plate, for sure am not seeing where it can be mounted on the x axis plate

Thanks, let me check it

Thanks alot. that is exactly what i have, i should get started using it

You got that from here??

Don’t bother with link #2 above. But link #3 works pretty well. We use the multi tool mount for a couple of things. Pretty handy.