Downcutting V Bit

Does anyone know if there is such a bit?

What are you trying to carve?

I haven’t see any downcut V bit.
I have a set of V-Groove Router Bits (EM2E4) that I got 2 Christmas ago as a gift that I Have not used yet.
Supposelly, it will not tear the surface as much.
I will try it tomorrow on some pine and I will report back.


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Just trying to find something that wont cause my vcarves to curl on the edges without dropping $80 on a single Amana bit

Freud v bits work well for me. They are a little more expensive but also last much longer

I’ll look into them

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They work great and white side too

Unfortunately I can only find Whiteside online. Freud is almost everywhere I walk into and usually $30-$35. Home Depot was my go to until my wife started working part time at the local hardware store. Cost plus 10% is hard to beat. My daughter started working there weekends and after school. Turns out I can’t double up the savings☹

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Got off track. Sharp bits should cure the curl.