Dont give up

Over the past few weeks, the struggle was inevitable. But through the help of this community, success is always at the end of a long road.

Thank you to everyone that has given thier inputs, advice, knowledge, and time to help me out. It really is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for giving us little guys hope, Ryan.

Never give up !


Great advice. I’ve been thinking about starting a topic and asking for folks to post their failures. I’ve got some nice ones on the way to figuring out a reliable work flow.

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Shoot I can say the same thing to all of you. Everyday there is a new challenge to overcome and with the help of everyone here…I overcome and aim for the next hurdle.

Thank you for being part of the crew!


Failures is always a great way to learn. I’d say go for it.

I have no failures… just fancy firewood.


When asked if he ever got discouraged when it took him over 10,000 failures to make his first successful light bulb, Thomas Edison said:
“I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways NOT to make a lightbulb”

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I think I have one the best failures here. Only one I know of that’s worse.

That’s why we tell folks not to leave the router running by itself!

Wow, Barry. What happened?

I had to throw Mt Dew on the machine to put a fire out once. I didn’t take any pictures. I used Mt. Dew because that’s what was in the cup I was drinking from when the flames started.

That is what we reefer to as Barry-ing it!!! Used in a sentence…“Dude, bro, you totally Barry’d that part.” Picture Spicoli from fast times at Ridgemont high saying it.

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I think what happened was I had Z rapids set wrong. That’s the router’s collet trying to be an endmill. Luckily my shopvac blew the fire out, but there’s a good half inch of burnt plywood around the cut, and it’s sitting on a foam insulation spoilboard.

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Oh man - I might have you beat but I didn’t document it very well. The only thing that stopped my house from burning down was the spindle mounts vibrating loose enough that the spindle spun and twisted the wiring up under the fan shorting out the motor controller and killing it. My ER16 spindle nut is rounded over from melting it’s way through the corian I was cutting when the phone rang…I’ll get a photo of the nice boy scout friction fire starter mark in the spoil board.

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HOLY CRAP! I bet that smelled awesome!

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