Does the SKR pro 1.2 support USB flash drive and memory card?

Memory card is not being recognized, I’m on marlin dual end stops firmware

It should. Did you try the sd card in marlin mode?

I use a full graphic display controller, not the tft35, is there anyway to enter marlin mode?

Just did a quick google search, I am in marlin mode by default in the full graphic smart controller arent I?

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Based on what I’ve read on this forum:

For the SKR Pro, in full graphics mode, the display is being handled by separate firmware from Marlin. If you hold down the control knob for 10s, you enter Marlin mode where the display is handled by Marlin. You lose touch in this mode. Note that Marlin mode is handled by separate cables from full graphics mode. There should be three sets of cables running between the display and the control board.

Note there are two SD card slots in your setup, one on the control board and one on the display. Also I know there are sometimes issues reading SD cards over 2 gigabytes on Arduino-based boards, and while your board is not Arduino, it may have the same issue.

I’m not using a tft35 but a non touch tft smart controller display

Oh, this is beyond my experience and forum reading. This means you likely have custom Marlin firmware, not one of the versions that V1 maintains. If so, you should make sure that the SD card support is enabled in your custom version.

Oh, that makes sense.

The sd card enabled is the one in the screen, not the one on the skr.

You can change that, but you have to recompile the firmware for with the usb or the micro sd.

Can you please tell me what I need to change in the firmware? Or a link to an article also would help. Thanks.

Have you edited marlin before? It is one of the sd card options.

Is there a reason you arent using the sd card in the full graphics display instead?

Yes I have, some time ago I had an issue with the display delay parameters, changed them to 400 to get it working.
So far, this is what I’ve changed in the configuration_adv.h


Still says no media on the screen.

I’ve made an enclosure, I’ll need to open it to access the screen everytime I want to use the machine.

Hmmm. I’m not sure, honestly. Maybe someone else will pop in with an answer. That is what I would have tried.

You could add an sdcard extender to your enclosure to access either sdcard from outside. On my gtr board I use (similar micro to the skr pro):


…and I use the onboard sd only for flashing marlinfw. In my case my lcd sd has easy access, but main board does not. So I have an sd extender for my main board, to access both easy (I flashed often figuring things out for my custom printer).

Note that touch mode lcd sd printing (if you had a touch tft vs the oldschool lcd it sounds like you have) is like using octoprint… it is serial host printing basically. So in in touch mode you can actually use both sdcards to ‘print from’; the onboard via Marlin config, and the lcd via the touch host. Printing touch using the lcd sd has the same jittery jive with high res models as octoprint. That doesn’t affect Cnc as much, but it can especially laser etching. So I only use the sdcard configured in Marlin, and if it is the lcd, I don’t use touch mode.

Edit… side note I used a sdcard extender with a 24” ribbon on my printer for years without any issues. So they are pretty reliable. However I have bought some cheap ones from Amazon that don’t fit well.