Does the Lowrider2 CNC Bundle w/ Rambo Include Endstops?

Does the Lowrider2 CNC Bundle w/ Rambo include endstops? I’m about to make the purchase, but wasn’t sure if the Bundle w/ Rambo selected includes the endstops and wiring like it shows if you look at the Rambo item itself on the shop.

I think when you choose the wiring option, it will ask series or parallel for the dual endstops. The default Rambo comes with 4 mechanical endstops. But it is a bit unclear off the bat as to when you indicate what version of software you want flashed.

i dont believe it does. i added mine seperate. Just got them all working today and its going well. i know that endstops are not common on the LR2 so you wont see a ton of info on them but it seems to be getting more popular

Rambo’s and Archim’s come with 4 endstops, more Rambo’s in a few days…I am having issues trying to keep them in stock.

Hi Ryan, new to this group and I am finally going to be building the mpcnc, I just need to get the Rambo v1.4, in how many more days would you say that it will be available?

I keep inventory updates on the contact page, new batch due Friday.

hi ryan, i just recieve my bundle version of lr2 with rambo 1.4v, i just want to know how to install a touch plate. can you show me how to connect it to the board and the configuration on the firmware?

The firmware is configured, but you will need to use some gcode to zero the Z. The gcode is on the product page for the touch plate.

To wire it, use the zmin endstop port. Wire the plate to the (s) and connect your bit to the (-) with an alligator clip. Don’t use the (+) or you can fry something.


Thanks for the info. Where should I put the coordinates? Shall I edit the Marlin firmware? Sorry I am not a programmer and I appreciate if you can help me with this and also how to set auto home. Thanks in advance. Cheers!!!

You can’t auto home a CNC. “Homing” on a cnc is just so you have a consistent zero, and you can shut down and resume multi part jobs, easier tool changes. using endstop makes things much more difficult and they are not needed most of the time. I rarely ever use them. I suggest not using them until you absolutely have to.

On YouTube “Some Old Guy Coding” and Barry have some endstop videos.

Have a look at Barry’s,

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