"DIY Perks" -- excellent YT channel - in this episode: "Building a quality USB-C microphone"

Guys if you have not seen this guy’s channel, you must check it out. I’m wowed by all his videos. Truly impressive.


Yeah, his projector is pretty slick. I’ve had the mic on my list for awhile now. There are a lot of really good internet rabbit holes out there. :grin:

Yep. Speaking of which, because I have done a weekly radio broadcast for many, many years, and I’m in need of a better mic setup than I’ve gotten by with all this time, and since we have had three nice SM58’s lying around unused ever since our church switched from corded to cordless mics (and I had no idea until watching the following video how great the SM58’s are for podcasting / radio / broadcasting), I’m doing the following in combination with a boom arm I bought off Amazon:

…however, I’m not doing the more-involved mod (to remove the transformer) that he linked to here:

…because I found out from another video (linked in the second one above) that the transformer that SM58 has and that SM7B does not have, is what gives the gain boost to the SM58 over the SM7B, and at only a very minor cost of slight tweaking of the sound curve in some frequencies. I want that gain boost because I’m planning on using a very affordable XLR-to-USB cable as my way of connecting the SM58 to my laptop for recording.

In case anyone is interested, here are the Amazon items I bought for my rescue and re-purposing of the great SM58’s we had lying dormant:

  • Microphone Boom Arm, Aokeo AK-35 — Amazon.com
  • XLR to USB Microphone Cable, DISINO, 10’ — Amazon.com
  • Windscreen Mic Foam Replacement for Shure SM7B — Amazon.com
  • Mini Ball Head 1/4 Adapter (4-pack) — Amazon.com
  • Tripod Thread Adapter, 1/4" to 3/8" — Amazon.com

*affiliate links

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Update: my ordered items arrived, and the particular cable I order for XLR to USB, does not have as much gain as the one I saw in a YouTube video. It’s usable, but gain has to be added either in post using software or with a pre-amp in a mixer. So, I’m circling back around to find that video and see which brand cable the guy used.

More info: I think this (below is the video I saw and referenced.

Also, here is a link to the cable he listed in the description of his video, which is not the brand I bought.


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