Diresta needs a sheet sized CNC

He asked for a 4’x8’ CNC machine…

You get a hold of him and I will send him all the parts for it I sell.

I saw that last night got excited then he asked for specific machines…?

He just doesn’t know any better…

I’ll be happy to tell him to look on the FAQ for free too!

I have no idea what that would even be like. If he loved it business would explode, if he hated it…implode. Or even if he hated it enough people would see it for what it is and want one? I hate worrying about stuff like that, one persons opinion sinking me.

Yeah. He likes cheap, diy solutions, but he also doesn’t seem to have too much free time. I doubt it would implode though. That much exposure couldn’t be bad.

But don’t get your hopes up. Since he has a tormach plasma table for free, I doubt this will be his best offer. But I also get the impression he never says no. Maybe he’ll give it to iltms or something.

What if one day the business just explodes, flooded in the forums. That would be awesome…but scary at the same time. Hope this goes well :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t believe how many lurkers there are compared to how many have posted. This whole thing blew up, and is just on the verge of being pretty big. We have something like 6500 registered users, but right this second on me and you are the only registered ones online and 17 lurkers, and those numbers are usually much larger but always a huge difference. Averaging 16k page views a day. Thingiverse was insane when it first started, if you look at the anniversary posts I made you can see the graphs. Everything has been steadily increasing but I have been able to optimize all aspects as well. I am handling 10x more volume than I originally projected I could do alone.

If your skateboard takes off, it gets crazy real fast.

[attachment file=44408]
I can’t figure this one out, the big drop off is when I started the forums maybe? You can see the downloads stayed steady but…

[attachment file=44409]
The site keeps growing. One more growth spurt and I will have to make a few major changes. So freaking fun

The drop off in Oct 2015? It looks like there’s a little plateau. I wonder if it was accidentally counting double for those two months or something. Everything else seems to fit the trend nicely.

Yeah, That spot was different I thought it was because it was when most of the articles and things were being published but if I remember right is starts on the first and ends on the 30th two months later. It does seem to be some odd thingiverse issue.

And then exactly one year later I stopped being on the first page of most popular items, so they have some sort of time limit on the popular things algorithm. That is when it starts to go down, but also when the site started to take off. I love looking at the graphs, the two biggest spikes were from hackaday.

The bad thing is this month is way down on all analytics but I figure the recent natural disasters have something to do with it. Fingers crossed.

That, and that one terrible YouTube review.


My mounts have gone further than I thought. I have some people ordering 4 in one order, which to me is very impressive. I am at the point now where I have to buy in “bulk” on Alibaba or other sources. If they go really big I may have to ditch my mpcnc or make two, enough to keep up.

I To be honest I am very impressed at how well you manage everything. Overheard something about like 100 emails a day? that’s crazy dude! I only get about 5PMs a day for my stuff. Maybe someday!

There are a lot of lurkers. Something tells me a tonnn of people visit this site but only read and not post. I for one am one of those people on other forums I go to. One of my friends told me recently, “I have yet to actually post anything”. There are people out there. But really I see the mpcnc and the others to have big potential. There is nothing quiiite like it. Nothing with this community, support, and accessibility.

Not trying to make this a criticism but I do think there should be more static information about the machine. (so many variables I know) Or some sort of list on common troubleshooting. I read almost every post on here and there are a lot of repeat questions that I believe when answered permanently somewhere, could save you a lot of time to do more important stuff like R and D. Maybe time for a support team? Another employee? I do feel a lot of good members on here “hold down the fort” though very nicely.

What sort of static information?

I am always trying to keep up with the current trend of questions but they propagate fast…currently it is accuracy (which is and has been in the FAQ’s for a while now).

I have been getting a milling basics page together, to answer a lot of the what bit and how fast questions, maybe touch on accuracy and precision. This is turning out to be pretty complicated.

I do also have the FAQ’s page that I add and take away from.

I moved the most referenced page to the main menu “software” I think a lot of the information is here just not where some people look for it so I am constantly moving linking things in more and more places. I am always interested in a different idea on how to structure things.

That is true, the questions totally have a trend. That one week where everyone’s LCDs were not working. I have a conspiracy theory that some of the question trends here are directly related to the biggest Chinese factories and their bad batches.

What might help is a comparison between some other machines. Ballpark numbers help even though everything has so many variables. What I can tell you though is I always get positive feedback when I tell people about my MPCNC. Don’t worry, I always mention you as the designer, I was just the builder. The idea that half of it can be made with a 3d printer, what most “makers” seek anyways, is powerful in this market.