Diode work

Lasered these guys with my primo
Domino train

Serving boards


I’m a sucker for some Ole E!

Same. Lady I made it for is at retirement age, so I may have employed a little bias in my font selection, lol…

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I was thinking about lasering some wood that was cut/carved on the Primo. A smaller piece, no larger than 8x10 inches.

I have a Primo, and the JL1 $79 laser from Amazon, set up with GRBL and Lightburn. I would do the carving on the Primo and the laser etching on the JL1. The parts would be moved from machine to machine for the separate operations. Accurate positioning of the work origin in both EstlCAM and Lightburn is a given, as well as indexing of the work piece on the spoil board of both machines.

My question is: which would you suggest I do first, Laser or Cutting. I was envisioning a carved plaque with laser highlights and infill. The laser work would be on the original surface of the piece, not in the lower exposed surface.

I can see doing one or the other first, but just was looking for opinions and suggestions.

Mike B.

What works for me is to do the cnc first. That way the shape outline is as accurate as anything in my shop can make it. I burn the outline onto a piece of waste, lay the part into that, reset the focus height, and burn the artwork. Super convenient because the piece doesn’t need to be clamped down.

Going laser first means the stock measurement has to be very accurate, and creating the locating datum on the cnc usually means a fixture of some sort, and that’s usually more work than lasering last.


Coming back to this because after several months of HEAVY use, a new guy ran them through the dish machine. The boards were originally more expensive than she wanted them to be, but I pointed out that they were nicer, thicker, and more durable than the boards she was replacing (not to mention customized) …all of which meant I could refinish them and keep them in service for her rather than having to replace them.

I didn’t get any before pictures (I’m only picking up 5 at a time because she uses every single board, every single day), but they were ROUGH. Got the logo burned back in with my big new fancy laser, and all of them are still over 3/4 in, so I could get maybe four more of these treatments before they are as thin as her original boards, maybe 8-10 before she’ll want to replace them.

Here they are, good as new. 20 more to go.


Well that is cool, a referb side business. That is a great offering.

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