Dimensions from edge of table to center of spindle

I’m finishing up my torsion table and want to pre add insert nuts to hold down a spoil board - so I’m not always screwing new holes as I change out spoilboards.

I have the LR2 and can measure that. I would like to set my spoilboard in anticipation of getting the LR3.

can someone tell me the dimension from the edge of the table to the center of the spindle for the LR3?

This might help:

(from the calculator page: LowRider V3 Calculator - V1 Engineering Documentation).

It is not a fixed dimension. The X belt tensioner is also the homing block so it moves.

The rough number from that diagram is 140mm from the belt block to center of the router.

perfect. I think that is all I will need.
I will download the belt block for that dimension.

I think it is 2-3 mm from the edge of the Y motor mount.